Clear and Concise Spinach Bites

In high school (and again in college) my English teacher(s) went on and on about the wonders of the Elements of Style.  Be clear and concise.  If it sounds wordy, it’s wordy.  Get rid of it.  Simple as that… so in memory of that lesson:  

Still wiped out from my birthday festivities I made Abigail a batch of Spinach Bites.  Nothing is easier than these, seriously.  

  Take a bowl and place in it the following:

 2 cups Shredded and sautéed spinach
1 6oz jar of diced artichokes
2-3 tablespoons ricotta cheese
½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese
a dash of salt
a dash of pepper

Mix the ingredients together.

Take out your favorite cookie sheet and place pre-made biscuits on it (the kind that come in the cans that nearly make you soil yourself when they open). While your oven preheats make dimples in the biscuits and fill using the mixture in the bowl.   

 Put the cookie sheet in the oven once it’s heated and cook until the biscuits are done.  Eat.

All together it should only take you about 25 minutes to make these.

These are absolutely perfect for those days when your significant other is badgering you incessantly about getting back to your Heroes marathon.


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