Simply Stewing in Boredom

Curried Chickpea StewDo you remember that time I talked about curry and went on and on and on and on and on and… on… about how boring it was? Well I decided to give curry another chance to entertain me.  You should really read that as this:  Abbie convinced me that we needed curry stew. Unfortunately for both you and me (mostly me,) this too will be about as exciting as watching paint dry.  It’s also simple enough that during your time making this (and you really should make this) you’ll yearn for something that has much more excitement… like organizing a sock drawer.  This is so boring to make, in fact, that this time I’m overriding Abbie’s veto powers and tossing in some random facts that may, or may not be true.  Let us begin:

Fact 1:  Albert Einstein raised a secret army of ninja squirrels to bring him sandwiches whenever he wanted but never for his friends.

While you consider googling that to see if I’m just messing with you, head to your fridge and take out all the required veggies you’d like to have in this stew.  Personally, I opted to go with some zucchini, squash, chickpeas and (big surprise here) spinach.  Begin by dicing everything and adding to a pan. Oh and of course you can’t forget the garlic.  Very important, that garlic.

Next up you’re going to sauté everything together, minus the chickpeas, in a dollop of olive oil.  Do this just long enough for the spinach to wilt and the zucchini to get soft in the center.  Having fun yet?

Fact 2: The terminal velocity of a cat is non-lethal.

By now your veggies should be nice and soft so it’s time to move on! In your favorite (and it really must be your personal favorite) stew pot put in the vegetable stock and bring to just below boiling.  Once there, start slowing stirring the stock as you add in the curry powder, paprika, and flour followed immediately by your sauteed veggies.

Fact 3: On Saturn and Jupiter it rains diamonds.

Okay.  Now the super secret and ultra risky part:  Add in your chickpeas.  This is a tad dangerous only because they like to splash and we all know I’m terrified of the splashing.  Once all of this is done, place a lid on the stew and turn the heat up.  Let it boil for 10-15 minutes (go with 13, it’s what I always do) then toss in some jasmine rice.

Fact 4:  Bored people are often the most dangerous.

Last but not least, turn the heat down and bring to a simmer giving the rice time to finish cooking.  At long last (roughly 30 minutes after you started but didn’t it feel like an eternity?) it’s time to start serving.  Grab your favorite bowl, kick on some Netflix (we’ve been watching House nearly every night) and enjoy the food.

Fact 5:  Curry dishes are the easiest way to make yourself out to be a competent chef.


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